"Khesht-e-Mehrbani" scheme

("The brick of kindness") scheme

What is "Khesht-e-Mehrbani" ?

Each brick costs 2000 Tomans. Every single brick of tis building is made up by your hands. Kindness is a boundless land, which its extent is determined by our hearts. "Love" and "philanthropy" are our motivators, to build a shelter for head of household women.

You, too, can help us with this important project.

Each brick costs 2000 Tomans. It may sound too cheap, but it can be an effective step towards realizing our aim, which is "expanding the coverage of the target community".

We believe that every tiny particle of assistance, carries endless amount of affection, and having them gathered altogether, is the most beautiful sign of awakened humanity in the era of indifference and indecency.

Let's put a share apart, to help our fellowmen, and bring a single brick to build a building made of love; May it become an everlasting memorial.

"Roozbeh" will always appreciate your love and generosity, in order to compensate for a small part of your efforts, a bred in your name (as a benefactor/an advocate) will be installed on the wall of the new building.

On the exploitation day of "Roozbeh Charity service and workshop" complex, we hope we can celebrate this precious event, together.

You can be one of the founders of this complex.


Account numbers of "Roozbeh Charity Organization" :
MELLAT Bank : 1900013086

SADERAT-E-IRAN Bank: 104599742004

Also, for ease of participation, you can install the application " Asan Pardakht" or dial *733#, enter the category of charity, choose "Roozbeh Charity", and simply become an advocate for vulnerable women and children.


Phone numbers:



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