Assistance to build the new building

Assistance to build the new building

Building the new empowerment center of "Roozbeh" Charity Organization will not be possible without the support of everyone. The financial resources of the charity are limited and solving the current crises of the clients is our first priority.

Many benefactors have announced their readiness to provide us with construction materials such as: sand, cement, iron, asphalt, etc… . Plans and drawings are provided free of charge by "Abad Gostar-e-Gharb" consultant civil engineers. "Oxin San'at" has been responsible for the cost of construction. One of the most important parts of the costs

(The cost of supplying the construction materials) is not provided, yet.


The account number allocated to the project:

SADERAT-E-IRAN Bank: 0104599742004

Or by dialing the code: *733*7*17#

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