Code of ethics for the assistants of "Roozbeh" Charity

Code of ethics for the assistants of "Roozbeh" Charity

God's immortal affection is our greatest support. He has given us the opportunity to serve the deprived, so:

1) We donate sincerely and serve without any expectation.

2) We are fast and accurate in performing our duties and we avoid wasting time, energy and money.

3) We do not forget to be the first person in greetings, cheerfulness and adornment.

4) We take every opportunity to teach and learn.

5) We are modest and smooth in dealing with the clients, intimate and open to criticism in dealing with colleagues.

6) We are always charged to keep the clients' secrets and personal information safe and confidential.

7) We are always by the clients' side, both in happiness and sorrow.

8) We appreciate the donations of benefactors, and we spend them in the best way possible.

9) We consider justice and fairness in giving services.

10) We strive to preserve the properties of the institution.

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