Mission statement

Mission statement

"Roozbeh" charity's mission is to help derelict and poorly-supervised women, through education, upgrading the skills, enhancing self-esteem and job creation.

The task of the institution is to empower the individuals, not to collect funds for the needy.

Any kind of financial support provided for the clients, would be in return for work. Because the goal is to maintain human dignity, and to cultivate talents, not to receive alms or promote beggarliness.

Emphasis on the subject of education is in order to preserve and enhance the self-esteem of the clients and to protect them from poverty, beggarliness and psychological-social harms.

This institution does not intend to affiliate the target group. By trying to create the necessary platforms, livelihoods will be provided for them in a way that will enable them to manage their own lives, independently.


"Roozbeh Charity Foundation" is one of the most prominent centers of social investment in Iran and a good model for establishing similar organizations.

Different aspects of organizational performance, and superiority in each area of activity, will be the basis of assessing social-supporting organization.

Transparency and accountability are always the most important values of the institution. This institution will be one of the most reliable charities for benefactors.

Being attentive to improvement of the current procedures, and the way donations from donors transform into education, support, medical and cultural services, loans, and all that is spent on the welfare of the clients, will be one of the most important pillars of development and improvement of the institution.

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