Why was "Roozbeh" Institution formed

Why was "Roozbeh" Institution formed?

The shared responsibility of individuals and social groups is to make social investment in proportion to the share they receive from the social environment.

We are all responsible for the social environment. Given that poverty in the economic and cultural dimensions, is one of the factors of occurrence and growth of social harm; educating and empowering female heads of household and self-supporting women is one of the most effective methods of preventing social harm.

Providing employment opportunities and encouraging them to work and endeavor can be effective in combating poverty and the social harm caused by that.

Helping the talents hidden in the dust of poverty and deprivation, thrive, is more sublime than financial support. Not only does it maintain the dignity of the clients, but it also causes social capital to increase.

Proper resource management, optimized use of existing capacities, turning threats into opportunities, resource enhancement, efforts to improve procedures and, most importantly, commitment to transparency and accountability are the keys to achieving the sublime goals of the institution.

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