Activities :

1- Skills training, empowerment and provision of the necessary facilities for a valid life, to the supported individuals until the crisis is resolved, rehabilitation and financial self-sufficiency are brought about.

  2-Running workshops and providing especial training facilities for the clients.

3-Assistance for continuing education from the literacy stage to the university. (Holding refresher courses at various educational levels).

4-Supplying health and medical needs of clients with the assistance of volunteer specialists and diagnostic-therapeutic establishments.

5-Helping the clients improve their housing situation.

6-Legal protection of supported individuals in case of violation of their legal rights.

7-Conducting case-work activities and counseling, aimed at creating a healthy environment in family.

8- Teaching life skills and parenting.

9-Paving the way for marriage, providing dowry and essential necessities of life.

10-Holding educational and training sessions on cultural, social and ethical issues.

11- Organizing short-term camps aimed at promoting clients' morale, teaching the communication skills and collectivism.

12-Establishing an exhibition and store of products resulting from practical training and selling the foregoing products in order to fund part of the services given to the clients.

13-Communicating with public utility institutions and cooperating for the establishment of similar institutions.

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