A glance at the past 18 years shows that :

A significant increase in the number of overly-supportive organizations, inefficiencies in traditional methods of assistance, the permanent dependence of disadvantaged donors, lack of assistance, and the inability to utilize the potential of volunteer manpower who were ready to serve, not using the huge work-force who didn’t have the opportunity to divulge their talents in society, due to their deprivation and the livelihood problems, the growth of social frauds in those levels of society which were afflicted with poverty and unemployment, were the most important motivating factors behind the establishment of this organization.

The institution was officially registered. The community of women with irresponsible caretakers and headless families were selected as the target community.

Thinkers propounded their suggestions in the field of social issues, by attending the founders' meetings. They would talk about how the work was done, for hours. The results of the preliminary studies showed that there was no similar center in the country. In spite of the problems ahead, with hope in God's help, and determination of the benefactors, it all began in a small room.

A number of ladies initiated an exhibition of handicrafts.

The board of trustees funded the exhibition. Two of the enrolled trainees, using what they had learned from the teachers, made beautifully-crafted appliques with two sewing machines provided for them. These appliques were sold at the very first days of the exhibition. Part of the proceeds of the exhibition was paid to the clients of the institution, and the rest was spent on providing the necessary supplies for subsequent projects, such as a small unit of vegetable packaging (With a daily capacity of 50 kg).

Since then, each of the small-scale entrepreneurship enterprises has been implemented in order to effectively assess the strength and weaknesses of each project, and this process has been continued to develop the services of the institute till today.

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