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Propagation scheme for reducing paper consumption


Given that the mission of "Roozbeh" charity is to achieve the goals set in the Statute of the foundation, we all know that the task of environmental care has not been delegated to a specific person or group, and with due attention to the risks of increasing environmental pollution, irregular waste production, especially dry and recyclable waste, and the threat of forest destruction, everyone is responsible for environmental protection. We do not consider ourselves an exception, because we believe that the first community that will get hurt by environmental pollution, is that of vulnerable children and the underclass.

Thus, the managers of the institution decided to allocate a part of the capacity of Roozbeh's volunteers to this issue, and a committee was set up, that got to attract many volunteers from different groups of people, especially the youth, in a short time.

The purpose of this committee is to educate and inform people about the importance of the environment, the modification of environmental behaviors and to build desirable and good social habits. Our first step is to educate and inform children, with a focus on reducing the consumption of paper and collecting recycled paper.

In this program, children and students get familiar with the process of producing paper from forest trees, and then the benefits of proper paper use are taught to them. Children participate in environmental contests with a variety of programs and they will be given awards, so they will consider themselves a part of the environmental protection chain.

Building a sense of responsibility for the environment, and the fact that today's children are tomorrow's community builders, can play a significant role in promoting the culture of protecting the environment. But "Roozbeh" charity's activities do not end here. We believe that we can all be environmentalists. For this purpose, various education programs about environmental protection are conducted at the universities and governmental agencies, in workshops focusing on how to recycle paper and reduce paper consumption.

Holding various programs at  the universities of Zanjan and propounding environmental concerns has shown that sometimes satisfactory results can be obtained and expand the amount of environmental protection enthusiasts, with a small fillip.

The broadcast of educational films with the subject of environment is also a part of these programs.

Up to now, more than two thousand students of elementary and kindergarten, and a large number of university staff and the staff of various departments of the city have been trained in the project. The group's prospect is to undertake the environmental education of more than 50000 Zanjan students."Roozbeh Charity Organization" is planning to collect plastic and electronic waste, in addition to paper, and put them into the recycling process, in the future.

But what causes this scheme to make more sense and makes it distinguished from other environmental activities carried out by other institutions, is allocating all the proceeds to charitable and humanitarian goals. At the same time, in the collecting section of recyclable paper, the teen and young members of the families under the coverage of "Roozbeh" charity, in addition to receiving appropriate salaries and benefits due to paper collection, will be under the coverage of other services of "Roozbeh" charity, such as: attending refresher courses and being provided with free education accessories. Since the start of the project till today, in addition to collecting more than 120 tons of paper that was supposed to be discarded, significant revenue has been generated in favor of the institution's goals, due to selling all the collected paper to paper pulp mills.

The revenue is spent on training various social groups and other costs of collecting paper and providing scholarships for children and young clients. Our forecast is that in the event that the required support is received and the logistical capacity and manpower is increased, it will be possible to accumulate 100 tons of paper a month, with monthly income of 30 million Tomans and the possibility of creating job opportunities for 30 young people seeking jobs.

It is noted that "Roozbeh" Foundation's environmental committee has implemented the project without any governmental assistance or any support from governmental organizations. All our colleagues in the training section of this project, are working voluntarily. Social networks are used for coordination and sharing information about the group's activities. The executive team includes 90 faculty members from universities, students, young people and university graduates who cooperate in this project, voluntarily.

The goal of all members of the group is to promote the culture of reducing consumption and achieving a complete chain of waste separation, at source. This way, in addition to preventing irreparable damage to the environment, significant revenue will be accrued to "Roozbeh" charity, annually.

In the near future, with the cooperation of Iranian environmental organization, we are going to introduce this project to the charities of different cities, and provide them with the necessary training, So that they can implement this project in their own cities, based on the model of "Roozbeh" institution. We provide this information and education to all groups and NGOs for free.

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