The critical and serious task of case-work is undertaken by a large number of volunteer benefactors who execute various tasks, studiously and compassionately.

After the client is referred to this section, the first step is completing the preliminary questionnaire.

When completing the questionnaire, the problem or cause of the crisis, is identified and a complete file of the client's profile and her dependents is formed.

After investigating and having the contents of the case confirmed by the research group, the initial counseling and evaluation of the person's capabilities, will be done.

At this stage, the mental and physical health status must also be identified, so that, if there is a possible job opportunity, they will be introduced to the centers with which we have been coordinated, in advance.

Otherwise, they will be trained in practical classes and courses, based on a certain plan.

Currently, with admission of the clients, other supportive actions are taken proportionally to the needs of the individual and the family.

Providing education opportunities from literacy to college for the client and her children, continuous counseling services, supplying home appliances and dowry, referring the clients to doctors and co-operating treatment centers, funding the medical services, legal counseling provided by lawyers, helping the clients realize their legal rights and granting essential loans, such as housing endowment are the most important services that case-work of "Roozbeh" provides to clients, so that they can pass the crisis caused by poverty and stand on their own feet.

The results of activities of the case-work sector are continuously monitored by the follow-up team.

Witnessing the dramatic changes in personality and spirit of the clients, after rehabilitation, is the best reward and the most important motivation to continue serving, for the dedicated volunteer forces who do not withhold any effort for advancing the philanthropic goals and plans of the charity.

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