Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Roozbeh" charity's motto : A famous Chinese quote:"

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."


What was the purpose of establishing Roozbeh charity foundation ?

Our women, must enhance their ability, capacity, power and management, character-wise. Roozbeh's goal is to empower and support vulnerable and needy women and children ( especially derelict, poorly-supervised and illiterate ones) financially, educationally and medically; And to train capable, elevated, self-reliant individuals who themselves will be the source of philanthropic movements in the future. The case-workers are the honorary forces who help the clients without any financial expectation and just for the sake of God.

They dedicate their time, proficiency and knowledge to charity work, free of charge and devotedly.

Who is a case-worker?

As mentioned above, the case-workers are the volunteer honorary forces who help Roozbeh's clients without any financial expectation and only for the sake of God. They devote their time, proficiency and knowledge, to charity work, free of charge and sincerely.


How to become a volunteer member of "Roozbeh"?

You can go to the department of casework and fill in a form to declare your readiness for cooperating with "Roozbeh" institution. Our colleagues in public relations will call you, as soon as possible.

Who is a client? And whom does "Roozbeh" help ?

Vulnerable women (the derelict, poorly-supervised, self-supporting women and the materfamilias) and their children who are capable of growth and development, but due to financial restrictions and family or social conditions, there were not much appropriate opportunities provided.

What services are provided to the clients?

In-service training for clients in different departments, weekly counseling for helping them resolve their problems, introducing and recruiting them to organizations which demand efficient and trained forces, holding the training classes for the clients andtheir children, ordering works and providing the tools to the clients who are not able to be present in the institution, due to family problems or physical issues.


What do you need in order to get the money-pot of "Roozbeh"?

Only personal information, including name, phone number, national code, ID number and contact details are required. Your personal information will be received and stored confidentially, in order to be registered in database of benefactors to avoid further attempts to receive information in subsequent reconnections. Besides, "Roozbeh" will send its latest news and information in various ways.

Why should the details of the pay-slips be announced after each payment?

The donators can help "Roozbeh" update its payment details, this way.

They also help us carry out our tasks (transparency and accountability) by providing a quick and accurate record.

How can donators get information about the amounts paid and the months they paid their membership fee?

Members can call financial department (0098-24-33785030) and obtain information on the amount of money, and the months of their assistance. They can also go to the mentioned department and ask about their balance of payment.

How can I help "Roozbeh" by ordering congratulation and condolence stands?

A flower basket can be a sign of sympathy or a means of expressing condolences, congratulations and happiness. You can help the    hard-working women who are the bread-winners of the family by paying for part of the cost of a flower basket to "Roozbeh" charity.

In return, "Roozbeh" will send the intended person an especial stand, on your behalf and with your own name. Undoubtedly, this action will be more memorable than all other flower baskets.

Call 0098-24-33785030 to order "Roozbeh" stands.

Why isn't a membership card issued for the benefactors?

Due to the variety of methods for helping "Roozbeh", impossibility of issuing cards for different co-operators seamlessly, commitment of "Roozbeh" to bailment of donations, and preventing any form of abuse, issuing membership cards is not possible.


What methods are available to help "Roozbeh" charity?

There are different ways to provide a variety of cash and non-cash benefits to "Roozbeh".

Methods such as:

-Completing the membership forms and paying occasionally, monthly, annually

-Getting a money-pot

-Making donations

-Making sacrifices

-Buying food products, cultural and artistic products

-Donating the needed goods for the clients

-Donating the required equipment

- Providing subsidy for healthcare services (Free visits or paying part of the costs of treatment, laboratory …)

- Donating gift packages for children

-Performing various voluntary activities (educational, executive…)

What are "Roozbeh" products?

 Food products (dessert, sweets, syrups, dried vegetables)-

Cultural products (postcards, congratulation/condolence stands,…)-

-Artistic products (Sewing, knitting, doll-making, pottery, handicrafts,…)

Where are "Roozbeh" products presented?

The central store is located at Vahy Street, Khorramshahr boulevard, Zanjan,Iran.

Phone Number : 0098-24-33785030


Is it possible to visit "Roozbeh" ?

You can call 0098-24-33785030 for co-ordination in advance, and visit "Roozbeh" to get to know more about our activities, closely.

Transparency and accountability have always been among the most important goals of this organization. We strongly believe that all benefactors and colleagues should be aware of the pathway and outcome of their contribution.

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