Board of Trustees
The General Assembly of the Board of Trustees is composed of 29 members and is the highest decision-making authority in the Institute, which is formed normally or extraordinary. Currently, the Board of Trustees is scheduled to be held in a seasonal manner, with the presence of honorable members, to draw up general policies of the institution in order to carry out their duties.
The duties of this assembly are as follows:
• Selection of board members and inspectors
• Audit and review of the report of the Board of Directors and the Inspector
• Determine general policy
• Review and approve or reject Board proposals
• Determine the alternate member of the board of trustees
• Approve the balance sheet and budget
• Determine the most popular newspaper for advertising and invitations
The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Board of Trustees is formed on the following terms:
• By request of the board or inspector
• Applying a third of the members of the board of trustees
Tasks of the Extraordinary General Assembly:
• Approval of changes to the Articles of Association
• Review and approve or refuse liquidation
• Disassembly of some members or the entire board of directors and inspectors, acceptance and resignation of the members of the board of directors and inspectors, appointment of members of the board of directors and the determination of the deficit of members until the end of the general meeting of ordinary
• Change the address
• Increase or decrease Fund
 Board of Directors
 Roozbeh Charity Foundation (consisting of a board of at least seven main members and two members of Ali Al-Badl), the board of directors is the legal representative of the "institution" and its duties and powers are in the framework of the statutes as follows.
 • Protecting movable and immovable property
 • Investigate institution accounts
 • Done payment and collection of claims
 • Implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees
 • Opening an account in banks during legal procedures
 • The pursuit of judicial, tax and registry processes in all legal procedures in the courts
 • Determine the decision and appoint a lawyer and dismiss it
 • Discontinuation and settlement of claims through compromise
 In general, the board can calculate any amount of the transaction that is necessary for the transfer of movable and immovable property and for the purpose of mortgaging and mortgaging, and forging, with the exception of the sale of immovable property subject to the approval of the board of trustees, Institute "to do.
 Note: The board of directors can choose from among themselves or outside of one person the real Iranian person to the manager and determines the limits of authority and term of office and his / her appointment. Managing Director of the "Institute" Is.
 The board elects one person as the main inspector and one person as an inspector Ali al-Badl for one year, whose duties are as follows:
 • Review all documents and financial statements and prepare reports for the board of trustees
 • Requesting the annual report of the board of directors, whether financial or non-financial, and preparing a performance report for notification to the board of trustees
 • Report any violation of the board of directors from the provisions of the statute to the board of trustees
 • Written comments on the accuracy of the assets, performance, and information provided by the board to the board of trustees.

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