The pillars :

The board of trustees :


General assembly of board of trustees is made up of 29 members, which is the most important authority to make decisions. The meetings are held either regularly or extraordinarily. Currently, the meetings are held seasonally, in the presence of the honorable members, in order to establish the general policies of the institution.


The duties of this assembly are as follows :

-Selecting the members of board of directors and inspectors

-Hearing and investigating the report of board of directors and inspectors.

Determining the general policies.-

-Considering, approving or disapproving the offers of board of directors.

Assigning the substitute member of board of trustees.-

Approving the balance sheet and the budget.-

-Appointing a paper of large circulation in order to insert advertisement and invitations.


The extraordinary general assembly of board of trustees is convened under the following conditions :


At the request of board of directors or inspectors.-

At the request of one-third of the board of trustees' members.-


The duties of extraordinary general assembly :

-Approving the changes of constitution.

-Considering, approving or disapproving the disbandment.

-Deposing some of the members of board of directors and inspectors, or all of them.

-Approving and considering the resignation of members of board of directors and inspectors.

-Appointing the alternate members and determining the inadequacy of members by the time of the upcoming regular general assembly.

-Changing the address.

-Increasing or decreasing the capital.

The board of directors :

"Roozbeh" Charity institution has a board of directors made up of (at least) 7 main members and 2 alternate ones. This board is the legal representative of the institution and its duties and authorities in the framework of constitution are as follows :

-Guarding the movable and immovable properties.

-Auditing the accounts of the institution.

-Paying off the debts and recovering the charges.

-Enforcing the statutes of board of trustees.

-Opening the bank accounts through legal protocols.

-Following-up judicial, notarial or tax-related issues, in all legal steps in courts.

-Determining the command, appointing and deposing the lawyer.

-Terminating the disagreements by compromising.



Generally, the board of directors is capable of bargaining in the name of the institution, in terms of transferring the movable properties, up-turn, mortgaging, redemption of mortgage or impoverishment as necessary. (Except for selling immovable properties which requires the approval of board of trustees.)

Note: The board of directors can appoint a real Iranian person among themselves or others, as the managing director; and determine their limits of authority and term of office.

Managing director is the highest administrative authority of the institution.


The inspectors :

Board of trustees appoint an individual as the main inspector and another person as the alternate one, for a year.

Their duties are as follows :

-Auditing all the financial documents and papers and preparing a report for board of trustees.

-Demanding the annual financial and non-financial report of board of directors, and preparing a performance report for board of trustees.

-Reporting any violation of the content of constitution by board of directors, to the board of trustees.

-Reporting any violation of the content of constitution, commited by board of directors, to board of trustees.

-Written commenting on authenticity of inventory, the performance and the information, with which the managers have provided the board of trustees.

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