About us


"Ostad Roozbeh"  charity organization of Zanjan,a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political institution, was legally registered in 1999, having been assigned number 80 ; and started its official activity. Its main goal, towards which it strives and organizes its activities, is helping homeless children and families, especially vulnerable women, and women who are victims of domestic abuse.


The main idea of establishing this complex, originates from the sublime motivation of helping fellowmen, by means of planning and investing.

The foregoing organization tries to participate in decreasing the damages in women's society, neglected and poorly-supervised families.


This organization not only prevents social damages, but it also propagates the idea of philanthropy and helping fellowmen.


"Roozbeh" has a different path in helping the needy; different from that of other charities! At "Roozbeh", people do not receive            given-away money or other types of donations, but are trained to learn skills, to find jobs, to earn their own money, and to run their lives in an independent way.

"Roozbeh" is a prominent and successful example of the                 social-supportive organizations, not only is it a place to have the donations collected, but it also is the home of flourishing of vulnerable individuals' hidden talents, and a spot for having volunteer members gathered.


Transparency and accountability are amongst the most important values ruling over the institution, and the continuous development and dynamism are brought about by means of building trust, and improving the applied process.

"Roozbeh" believes that commitment to honesty and transparency would be the best respond to the trust of all those who are fully involved in the humanitarian efforts of the institution. The activities of "Roozbeh Charity Foundation" can be considered a successful example of resource management and intersectional interaction.

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