Our fellows


The volunteers

The greatest asset of "Roozbeh" is its volunteers. The volunteer forces help the institution reach its goals, by participating in executive tasks. They undertake the tasks associated with "Roozbeh", without any charge.

In fact, volunteers dedicate their most valuable asset (their time) to the establishment. This way, not only do they provide the social identity and credibility of the institution, but they also make "Roozbeh" needless of hiring permanent forces.

Most volunteers, in addition to participating in executive tasks, support the institution financially. "Roozbeh" owns its ever-increasing growth to the quantitative and qualitative growth of volunteer forces.

Training the volunteer human force is one of the fundamental principles of developing the capacity of the organization. The volunteers are organized based on their expertise and ability in different units of the institution, after completing the questionnaire and being interviewed.

Currently, there are 56 persons collaborating on executive tasks associated with "Roozbeh".

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